Getting the Word Out

So recently I’ve noticed how my profile is not existent when you search my name So i figured i should solve my problem, So i went online to search ways to make myself more easy to find. To have found when looking the website Brandyourself.

Brand yourself is a well website that lets you boost your prefered websites to show up quicker when you search your name into google. Well due to the fact that my last name is Beach, The results were no where near close at being able to being found. Since part of signing up to Brandyourself is achieveing a grade out how well you are found. I went ahead to see what my grade was. To find out it was horrible…


William B.,(January, 31, 2017)Brand yourself report card screenshot(JPEG) Retrieved

Yea… That bad, I recieved a F.  How the greating system works is you’ll either recive an A, B, C, or F. The criteria is dependant on How easily you can be found, Results that can hurt your image, and Potentially damaging social media post can be. Well the main reason for me getting an F is due to all the beach resorts and other beautiful beach vaction areas. Not like im complaining as the base of this blog is going to explain and explore nice beach’s throughout the United States.


4 thoughts on “Getting the Word Out

  1. I really loved how creative the title for this specific blog post was! It’s unfortunate how low of a score you initially received but that means you can only improve from here! You explained how BrandYourself worked really well and made it much easier to follow along with the topic of this blog post!


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