Tips for a Good Time

So recently since my blog is about beautiful beachs and where to find them, I thought it would be a nice idea to help you guys in a few ways to enjoy yourself when you go to the beach! You know there is a lot more that comes into play when you go to the beach. Firstly its an all day event so you have to make sure to plan everything out and make sure you have brought all the essential needs to make your time in the sun the best you can!

What I did to help you know how to have a good time, I created an Infographic. An infographic is a chart or diagram that is used to plot data or explain a certain thing step by step. Where as mine is helping you accomplish a beautiful and fun filled day at the beach as seen With this infographic it tells you what you need, and what you need to put away to have an enjoyable time with friends and family! You know now days it seems like no one is having as much fun as they used to. I think its due to the cell phones, everyone is busy worrying about what is happening else where, when they should be looking around them and realize all the beautiful and fun people around you. So Stop with the damn drama for one day and go suck up that beautiful sun! Don’t come back till you’re burnt or have a beautiful tan! With that y’all enjoy your day and good luck the next time you bask at the beach!

Your friend,

Spencer Beach


One thought on “Tips for a Good Time

  1. I really enjoyed the “lastly” section on this. Far too often nowadays I’ll see people completely occupied on their device, disregarding the beauty and not to mention, people, around them! It is funny that you included that comment, but I think it is totally necessary.


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