The beauty of Flow

I have always been fascinated with the art of flow, Flow art is when people gain the capability through a lot of hard work and dedication to be able to beautifully move either batons, staffs, hula hoops, poi, and many more. My friends recently asked if I would be willing to make a video of them while they are in the act. So, I couldn’t say no to the beauty. The first thing I did though was create a story board to help give us a basis of what we needed to accomplish although it was rather simple and easy to create! storyboard-highres

Although it was only the demo version it was still very easy to use, especially when you can’t draw like me… After that took place I asked if we could go and record this wonderful video as it was killing me to keep on waiting as I was dying to watch!

After getting the recording all done it came to the editing part, the video editing software I ended up using was called Final Cut Pro. This is a very convenient and easy product to use. Although the only thing I hated is that you can only use it on apple products… and I own a PC so that made it hard. When making the video, it was rather time consuming but enjoyable at the same time as I loved what I was making and knew that my friends would appreciate it as well! I’ll show you how Final Cut looks like, so you can understand what I was working with.


Now that you know how I was doing it I might as well show you the video that came out of all this work so here you go!



3 thoughts on “The beauty of Flow

  1. I love your decision of filming in the dark and using glow in the dark props! I think this paired with the music adds a lot of visual appeal to the video, almost like one of those synchronized glow in the dark lamps.


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