That Photoshopped Beach

So recently boredom has come over me and I thought why not lets create what seems to be a fun and great beach that I would love to attend! So with that being said the best place to create your own beach would be on Adobe Photoshop! Photoshop is a image software where you have the ability to change and alter images that still look real even though someone has screwed with it. So firstly, I chose a starting image to work on and I browsed the internet to help find beautiful beachs, to have come across this image.


Meena, H. (March, 2013). Goa Beautiful Beach [JPEG] Retrieved from:

This image had everything I thought a beautiful beach had. Although to me there seemed to be missing some little things, more people, umbrellas, and some boats to play on. So with that being said I took my time and found some things to insert into the image but not make it look incredibly fake. My end result ended up to turn out better then i expected as I have never been a photoshop professional. But here is the end product of my altering.


To me this seemed far more realistic of a beach. On such a nice day why woudnt there be more people and more boats around. You would think that it would be poppin and thats exactly how I made it feel. Now if you dont know or understand photoshop that much a good place to learn the techniques, could be here. Now go out there and create your own beautiful images and have a good day!



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