The beauty of Beachs

As I started going around I noticed that my blog isnt that well known of, or easily seen. So as I did some research it came to my attention that I need to create a better SEO/SEM. Which means Search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. So with that being said i said i went to google to help me find some key words to help my blog get better search optimization. They have a program called Google Ad Words


The first five words I made up myself and the other 5 google ad words helped me create

  • Beachs
  • Travel
  • lifestyle
  • summer
  • sun
  • The beach (60k+)
  • myrtle beach(550K+)
  • summer 2016 (22K+)
  • resort (246K+)
  • best beachs in the world (18K+)

key words work best when you are able to use them in a sentence and not just have random words for example

  • Beachs are so beautiful to travel to in the summer sun!
  • myrtle beach would lead for a good lifestyle if we moved there.
  • The beach was a hit in summer 2016.
  • i would kill to go to one of the best beachs in the world and hopefully it is a resort!

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