Becoming Certified

I have always been rather tech savvy in my day with computers, smart phones, or even tablets. Growing up in a household that always kept up with the new technolgy coming out in the world day by day. Along with my dad always being there to help me out step by step as he is a website developer or as he calls it “manages digital assets”. Through out this year I started learning more as I was away for college for instance, Indesign, Photoshop, Google Adwords, and the list goes on.

Recently I have come to realize how google has come around to truly helping out their users. They have come out with several ways to help out users who want to becoming certified in google AdWords or even Google Analytics. I became very intesrested in Google Analytics as my major is advertising. It many ways it could help me become more qualified in my field as I am able to learn new ways to make my ads better and know which types of ads work more effect then the others.

So with that being said I thought it would be a wonderful idea to be able to become certified in Google Analytics. Of which I did over the course of few weeks. It is rather easy, all that needs to be done is watch several videos and take a few tests to become certified. I am rather happy with this accomplishment as now when I look into the future of my career as such I will just be one step further then some people that gives me a slight advantage to move up quicker and become better at what I would do!

My father always taught me to strive further and bigger then others because thats how you get ahead in life. And thats just what I plan on doing, follow in my fathers footsteps and be the man that he hopes I can be and more! Just like him I have fell in love with the car industry and plan on to make my way into that field. To continue on my fathers legacy. So with that being said here is the proof that I passed Google Analytics.

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (8)

PC: Beach, S. Google Analytics certification. Screenshot, retrieved from:


Learning The Schedual

I recently found an interesting thing through twitter, It is called Tweetdeck. TweetDeck is a website directly connected to twitter that lets you manage and even schedual your tweets for a specific time. I decided to take advantage of this and scedual a few tweets that can express how ill feel that day!

Screenshot (6).png

On the right side it shows you your schedualed tweets and the rest of the coloums are your feed, notifications and your activity. So all in all you could start using tweetdeck as your regular twitter and be able to do more then just on twitter. Just thought I would share my new discovery!

Getting Networked

So recently The thought crossed my mind to study abroad! I instantly fell inlove with the idea to be able to spend a semester or even a year in another country that I would love to be in! The United Kingdom! So with that being said I began to attend study abroad meetings held here at GVSU. I couldn’t stop thinking about the oppertunitys I would gain by being in another country and the experience I would also obtain.

GVSU has a wonderful study abroad programs here. It offers a wide range of locations and an outragous amount of majors in other countries. With it being about the same amount of attending one semester here in the unites states it costs to study abroad depending on the country. So I am astonished to the individuals who don’t take advantage of this oppertunity as they are missing out greatly!

But in light of all that here is a goofy picture of me at the meeting at padnos.


The Job Search

So with being in college I know I have to think about what is to come of me after I graduate. So I started to look at new jobs that I may be interested in! With what I am interested in i can apply for becuase I have the right skills! So when looking into jobs I used the site Indeed. With this website it helps you search areas of intested that can help you find jobs the five jobs I am looking into right now are.

Automotive sales consulatant

For Keller Ford

Link to job listing

This requires Strong written and verbal skills, Outgoing personality with a professional appearance, Expertise in developing and maintaining relationships, Proficient computer, internet and MS Office skills, Must excel at utilizing CRM, data tools and following the applicable processes, Commission Paid on top of Annual Salary.

Summer lifeguard

MVP sports club

lifeguard link

requires Current American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Certification, Current American Red Cross First Aid

Automotive service advirsor

Dykstra’s Auto Service

Service advisor link

This requires a minimum of a highschool diploma or GED, service advisor for a minimum of 2 years. with a valid drivers license

Marketing assistent

Better Advertising Professionals

Marketing assistent link

This jobs requires a minimum of 4 years of a degree, previous marketing or sales experience is a plus, keen sense of detail, strong communication skills.

Digital Marketing Internship


Internship link

This job requires Digital marketing,  Writing, Web design – WordPress, Social media analytics (Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Sprout Social), Basic website coding – ie: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Video and photography skills, Previous internship experience preferred.


These here are just few of the jobs i would look forward to persuing as it could strongly benefit me in the long run! Many of these jobs would be helpful and are well paying and give me a job once I am to graduate. So if i were you, I would start looking into jobs as soon as you can. As you can never be less prepared when it comes to the real world, outside of this college experience.

This is where i see myself working one day. Along side a dealership helpin them conquer the market around them and being the best dealership they can be in person and on the internet.

Contact Me

When creating this website I never thought about ways for you to be able to contact me or get a hold of me so with that I decided to make a business card! Using InDesign I created a template that would be the base of my business card. Since this is a website I created it in an online formate. When nearly done this was the end result of the design still in Indesign.

Screenshot (5)

Since this was a business card it needed to be able to have a front and back which I was able to make! Though my brand is about beachs, I thought it would be a good idea to add something on it that would correspond to that, so I added a beach umbrella to the card.

The final card I though turned out very well and is rather appealing to the eye to make you actually want to look at it. So here is the final picture of the Business card.

business card final 22business card final 2