Contact Me

When creating this website I never thought about ways for you to be able to contact me or get a hold of me so with that I decided to make a business card! Using InDesign I created a template that would be the base of my business card. Since this is a website I created it in an online formate. When nearly done this was the end result of the design still in Indesign.

Screenshot (5)

Since this was a business card it needed to be able to have a front and back which I was able to make! Though my brand is about beachs, I thought it would be a good idea to add something on it that would correspond to that, so I added a beach umbrella to the card.

The final card I though turned out very well and is rather appealing to the eye to make you actually want to look at it. So here is the final picture of the Business card.

business card final 22business card final 2


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