Becoming Certified

I have always been rather tech savvy in my day with computers, smart phones, or even tablets. Growing up in a household that always kept up with the new technolgy coming out in the world day by day. Along with my dad always being there to help me out step by step as he is a website developer or as he calls it “manages digital assets”. Through out this year I started learning more as I was away for college for instance, Indesign, Photoshop, Google Adwords, and the list goes on.

Recently I have come to realize how google has come around to truly helping out their users. They have come out with several ways to help out users who want to becoming certified in google AdWords or even Google Analytics. I became very intesrested in Google Analytics as my major is advertising. It many ways it could help me become more qualified in my field as I am able to learn new ways to make my ads better and know which types of ads work more effect then the others.

So with that being said I thought it would be a wonderful idea to be able to become certified in Google Analytics. Of which I did over the course of few weeks. It is rather easy, all that needs to be done is watch several videos and take a few tests to become certified. I am rather happy with this accomplishment as now when I look into the future of my career as such I will just be one step further then some people that gives me a slight advantage to move up quicker and become better at what I would do!

My father always taught me to strive further and bigger then others because thats how you get ahead in life. And thats just what I plan on doing, follow in my fathers footsteps and be the man that he hopes I can be and more! Just like him I have fell in love with the car industry and plan on to make my way into that field. To continue on my fathers legacy. So with that being said here is the proof that I passed Google Analytics.

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (8)

PC: Beach, S. Google Analytics certification. Screenshot, retrieved from:


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